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Leading Manufacturer of Dehydrated Food & Spices.

INSTA FOOD INDUSTRIES is a new modern enterprise specializing in the processing of Dehydrated Vegetables & Fruits and it by-products. Our aim is to use the best ingredients and provide a quality product that meets international standards of quality assurance and system requirements.

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your questions on dehydrated foods

Dehydrating fruits and vegetables maintains much of its nutritional value while decreasing storage space and weight and allows it to eat seasonal produce all year long. Dehydrated food is essentially raw food. That means it retains all its enzymes, vitamins, minerals and general nutritional value that would be lost or damaged by cooking.

The nutritional value of foods is affected to some extent by dehydration. Most vitamins and minerals remain intact during the dehydration process. Heat and air, however, destroy vitamin C. Air exposure also destroys vitamin A.

our sectors

  • 1 industrial ingredients We pride ourselves in specializing as a food ingredient supplier to some of the major processing industries of Pakistan such as “National Foods”, “Shan Foods”, “Shezan Intl. “and many other major consumer brands of Frozen Food such as “Menu” (Seasons Food) and “Mon Salwa”(Quick Food Industries).
  • 2 Foodservice INSTA Foods have already made successful relationships with various Brands and providing supplies to household names including "Fri Chicks", “Pearl Continental” and “Avari Hotel”.
  • 3 Consumer goods We have developed a unique range of "GREEN" Chilli based recipe mix's for the discerning consumer from Biryani mix to Green Raita using our specially developed dehydrated Green Chilli.

our team

  • Asad R Chaudhry

    INSTA Foods team is led by it's visionary chairman "Mr Asad R Chaudhry". An overseas…

  • Ased Iqbal

    Ased Iqbal. Businessman and Entrepreneur. Having experience in business for over 20 years in various…

  • John McCoist

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  • Alan Smith

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Company Profile

  • Our Mission
    To be a market leader of dehydrated vegetables, and other food ingredients by providing pure and fine quality Dehydrated Products. To be committed to innovation, quality, cost effectiveness and superior customer service. To strive for excellence and global recognition by continuous improvement, dedication and growth.…
  • Our core values
    Care - We are a people-oriented business, focused on each individual and their contribution, growth, success and, of course, satisfaction. Accountability - We encourage people taking responsibility for their decisions and actions, we believe that individual who are treated with respect and given responsibility respond…

our standards

We never compromise on quality, and it is our policy to continuously innovate, develop new products, and incorporate new technology and know-how into production in order to maintain efficiency and competitiveness in the market. Our company standards are to use the best quality ingredients in order to provide a superior quality product that retains it nutrition, utilizing the latest technology and equipment within a hygienic and quality controlled environment to give our clients such quality products that are free of contamination and have been prepared by following Good Food Manufacturing Standards.