We produce the highest quality dried fruits which are dehydrated using the latest technology. The end products achieved by this process are ready to eat and retain a moisture content of above recommended levels. These products maintain a shelf life of approximately one year.

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Quality Control & Certifications

Quality for us is the pivot on which our entire business rotate. We have obtained basic certifications in line with our quest for optimum quality control procedures, namely ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP. We seek to continually improve product quality to keep up with the ever-demanding international health standards.
In addition to the above, we adhere to stringent quality control standards to maintain the use of high quality products right from raw materials stage to the production of final products. Every delivery or consignments of raw materials have undergone prior sampling, tested and only the finest raw materials and ingredients are selected. Apart from quality control, we also believe in the exercise of stringent controls on hygiene. In ensuring quality and hygiene of the food products, we have established an effective and efficient quality assurance system to cover all aspects of hygiene, contact review, production
process and testing line.
Apart from that, all processes are run and measured by highly qualified production supervisors and trained staff, with periodic checks made by both the Food technologists and quality control personnel to ensure minimal errors.